What is this?

SpinTheWheel is a game where you can earn or lose $GAS tokens based on a random draw.
In order to be able to play this game you need:
  • Either own a NeoDashboard VIP Pass NFT (if not you can rent one on RentFuse or check on GhostMarket) and pay 0.5 $GAS
  • Either burning a NeoDashboard SpinTheWheel Ticket NFT.
You can play this game every 225 blocks.

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Own VIP Pass NFT

# Tickets

Spin the wheel


  • 🥇 5 $GAS (0.1% chance)
  • 🥈 2 GAS (1% chance)
  • 🥉 1 GAS (35% chance)
  • 😢 0.2 GAS (63.9% chance)

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